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Article: why the fck are we selling a $10,000 diamond tennis necklace?

why the fck are we selling a $10,000 diamond tennis necklace?

why the fck are we selling a $10,000 diamond tennis necklace?


Diamond tennis necklaces are timeless. They are also REALLY, REALLY expensive. We wondered if there was a way for us to make a diamond tennis necklace that was both beautiful and well crafted BUT wouldn't require our customers to donate an organ or deplete their savings. So we decided to use lab-grown diamonds and to price our tennis necklace as accessibly as possible.

Diamonds are beautiful...and historically have cost a fck ton of money

Diamonds have always been known for their brilliance, durability, and rarity, making them the perfect choice for luxury jewelry. AND up until a few years ago diamonds have also been OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. Then, lab-grown diamonds started to take off and change the diamond game.

GE created the first gem-quality lab-grown diamonds in 1971. It was still difficult and expensive to regularly produce gem-quality diamonds, however. Many lab-grown diamonds had numerous inclusions or undesirable colors.

By the 1980s, lab-grown diamond jewelry started to become more widely available. As technology improved, lab-grown diamond jewelry options increased.

It wasn’t until the 2000s, however, that lab-grown diamond jewelry became popular and accessible. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) recognizes lab-grown diamonds as real diamonds. 

Lab-grown diamonds typically cost 60-85% less than traditional mined diamonds. Using lab-grown diamonds means that we can make an timeless, heirloom diamond necklace at a much lower price.

We are obsessed with craftsmanship and quality

Each fck diamond tennis necklace is meticulously crafted by our skilled producer and stone setter who pays attention to every detail. From selecting the finest lab-grown diamonds to setting them in a flawless 14k gold arrangement, there are no short cuts taken. The quality of the materials we use and the precision of the workmanship ensure that each fck diamond tennis necklace is a piece of art.

We think you're going to love the "Are you fcking kidding me diamond tennis necklace" because we priced it under the industry average

Most fine jewelry pieces are priced at 2-2x's the cost of making them. We have worked hard to be able to offer our diamond tennis necklace at a .5x of what our costs our. Seriously.

Check out the quality and wow factor of our stunning diamond tennis necklace, and make a fcking statement wherever you go when you wear it!

Shop now and elevate your style with the "Are you fcking kidding me diamond tennis necklace."


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